Flower Pinellia (2013)

Flower Pinellia (2013)

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Other name: Flower Blooms in The Mid-summer;Hua Kai Ban Xia;Flowers of Pinellia Ternata

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Romance


At the age of 7, Wei Ru Feng was taken into the home of Grandmother Xia and brought up with her granddaughter Xia Ru Hua who'd also lost both parents at a young age. After Grandmother's death 10 years later, the two depended on each other for survival and profound feelings develop. Their peaceful lives are disrupted after an unexpected incident - Ru Hua is raped by a juvenile delinquent named A Fu, and during an enraged Ru Feng's quest for revenge, he meets business proprietor Cheng Hao. Drastic changes occur in Ru Feng's life from that moment on as he's sucked into a vortex of material temptation and emotional instability. Meanwhile, the truth behind Ru Feng's family background comes to light
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