Hakutaka Shirataka Amane no Investigation File

Hakutaka Shirataka Amane no Investigation File

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Other name: ハクタカ白鷹雨音の捜査ファイル , はくたかしらたかあまねのそうさふぁいる

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Suspense


A corpse of a clown is found in a park. Detective Shirataka Amane of Musashino Higashi Police Station begins investigating with rookie detective Uzuka Shinsaku. They find a picture of the victim holding a balloon with the number 1 and the letters TTX on social media which indicates pufferfish poisoning. Shirataka intuitively suspects that this is an incriminating statement done by a serial killer, but Chief Investigator Fukukawa Saeko denies her. Detective Kusano Seiya and other personnel of MPD First Investigative Division join the investigation, then a second murder occurs. Shirataka recalls an unsolved kidnapping and murder case from two years ago that she still regrets.
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