Go Princess Go 2 (2022)

Go Princess Go 2 (2022)

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Other name: 郎君不如意 太子妃升职记2:公主上嫁记 公主上嫁记 公主上嫁記 Lang Jun Bu Ru Yi Tai Zi Fei Sheng Zhi Ji 2: Gong Zhu Shang Jia Ji Gong Zhu Shang Jia Ji

Original network: Youku;

Director: Cheng Feng [澄丰]

Country: Chinese

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Hidden Identity, Historical, Novel, Romance, Web Series

Airs: Dec 31, 2022


Because of a piece of marriage agreement, a princess obsessed with good looks marries the "Wolf King" who is a man who goes by 2 different personas, thus igniting a magical love story full of laughs. Princess Qi Pa, Zhang Peng Peng and Qi Sheng's daughter of the Great Xia Kingdom mistakenly falls for a trap while investigating an arson case in the palace. Luckily, she is rescued by Kui Mu Lang of the Huashou Tribe. He intends to marry her in order to gain the spirit bead but she only wants to escape because she finds him scary and loathsome. Nonetheless, Qi Pa decides to stay as she has a case to crack. Just like that, her life is turned upside down by a handsome man and an ugly man. Adapted from the novel "Tai Zi Fei Sheng Zhi Ji 2: Gong Zhu Shang Jia Ji" (太子妃升职记2:公主上嫁记) by Xian Cheng (鲜橙).
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