Bar Legend

Bar Legend

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Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Action, Comedy


Director Jo Bum Gu might not be a big name (yet), but he had earlier raised eyebrows in the industry for his little known debut, The Bad Utterances, a low-budget affair which expertly mixed action, comedy, and coming-of-age tropes. Bar Legend is a bigger and better version of his debut film with one very important detail: this time it�s Jung Doo Hong (The City of Violence) behind the wheel for action! Throw in singer MC Mong (in his film debut), former musical actor Park Gun Hyung (Innocent Steps), and a couple of gangsters, and we have a winning cinema experience. Back in the day, Jung Kwon (Park Gun Hyung) and his two buddies Sung Hyun (Lee Cheon Hee of The Aggressives) and Kyung Ro (MC Mong) were renowned around the riverbank behind school as the �No Touch Gang�. Kyung Ro�s mouth was scarier than his fists and Sung Hyun lacked experience in fighting despite trying really hard, but Jung Kwon had the charisma and superb fighting skills. As the years pass, things change for them all. Work, family, and life get in the way, and even the riverbank is changing. Now it�s not just fights between students anymore; organized crime is starting to make a mark in the area. Will the trio be able to go back to their glory days of youth?
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