Come Rain Come Shin

Come Rain Come Shin

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Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2011

Genre: Drama


The lone Asian entry in the main competition of the 61st Berlin Film Festival, acclaimed director Lee Yoon Ki's Come Rain, Come Shine stars popular actors Hyun Bin and Lim Soo Jung as a young married couple on the verge of separation. During a car drive, she suddenly announces her decision to leave for another man. On their final day together, the two quietly go about their domestic chores as if it was any other day. Heavy rainfall and an unexpected visitor impede her plans to move out, and gradually bring emotions to the surface. Spare on words and plot, Come Rain, Come Shine may divide audiences with its lulling pace and ponderous silence, but the low-key film succinctly captures the poetry and pain of cohabitation and separation through disarmingly simple interactions. Set mostly in the protagonists' austere house, the beautifully shot drama draws out the characters through abbreviated conversations, muted emotions, and meticulous attention to everyday activities.
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