4 Kings (2014)

4 Kings (2014)

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Other name: สีเรียงเซียนโต๊ด Si Riang Sian Tot See Riang Sian Tode

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Comedy


A whimsical observation of Thai gambling culture; a culture in which gamblers will bet on anything, right down to what color underwear a mini-skirted woman will flash when she alights from a tuk-tuk.

Sian is a conman who makes and sells fake Buddhist amulets. His nephew Riang is a chip off the old block, with many generations of gamblers' blood running through his veins. When they loose big time to an underworld kingpin, they come up with a plan to cheat the kingpin and win back all their money by recruiting Todd, a social-climbing card-sharp magician. But, even with Todd's ability to change cards with a wave of his hand, they still need Sri, a curvy female accomplice to distract their mark.

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