7 Days of Himawari & Her Puppies (2013)

7 Days of Himawari & Her Puppies (2013)

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Other name: ひまわりと子犬の7日間 히마와리와 나의 7일 向日葵与小狗的7天 向日葵與小狗的7天 第七日的奇蹟 Himawari to Koinu no Nanokakan Seven Days of Himawari and Her Puppies

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: Animals, Drama


Set within an animal shelter, where if the owner of an animal doesn't claim their pet in 7 days, the animal is put to sleep. Himawari is a female dog and a mother. She tries to desperately save her puppies.
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