A Weaver on the Horizon (2010)

A Weaver on the Horizon (2010)

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Other name: 天涯织女 天涯織女 神話織女 神话织女 衣被天下 織姫の祈り 천애직녀 Tian Ya Zhi Nu Yi Bei Tian Xia Shen Hua Zhi Nu The Weaver Clothing the World The Tale of the Royal Seamstress The Legend of a Weaver Ткачиха мифов සන්නාලියනේ

Director: Lin Yu Fen [林玉芬], Lee Kwok Lap [李国立]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Historical, Romance


The life story of Huang Dao Po, a woman who revolutionized the Chinese textile industry during the Mongol conquest of the Song dynasty and the beginning of the Yuan dynasty.
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