Aewol - Written on the Wind

Aewol - Written on the Wind

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Other name: 애월

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Drama, melodrama, Romance


"The island of healing, Jeju Island, a comforting story from Aewol." Soo Hyeon is on a bike tour around the country when he dies in Aewol due to a tragic accident. Soo Hyeon's lover, So Wol, misses him so much she stays in Aewol to be close to him. Meanwhile, their best friend, Cheol, receives a letter from Soo Hyeon 3 years after he wrote it and heads to Aewol. Cheol stays in So Wol's house for a while and they mingle with the villagers, enjoying the small, but daily things and overcoming their grief for Soo Hyeon in their own ways.
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