After the Flowers (2010)

After the Flowers (2010)

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Other name: 花のあと 花痕 Hana no Ato

Director: Nakanishi Kenji [中西健二]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Historical, Novel, Revenge, Romance, Samurai, Swordsman


Set in Edo period, Japan, a women risks her life to keep her true love. Ito (Keiko Kitagawa), daughter of a clan official, encounters Magoshiro Eguchi (Shuntaro Miyao). Magoshiro is a low ranking samurai sparks an attraction with Ito. Ito challenges Magoshiro to a sword match using bamboo sticks. Mahoshiro accepts. The pair's duel causes sparks to fly an attraction from both sides. Meanwhile, Ito faces an arranged marriage with Saisuke Katagiri (Masahiro Komoto) and Magoshiro is with Kayo (Ayumi Ito) .
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