Alice in Liar Game

Alice in Liar Game

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Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Drama


Spin-off drama "Alice in Liar Game" depicts the past history of genius girl Alice (Mana Ashida) and her relationship with Omega (Makiko Esumi) of the Liar Game organization. Two years after the final stage of the game, it is thought that everything has ended, but the Liar Game is not over. Akiyama Shinichi (Matsuda Shota) destroyed the Liar Game Tournament (LGT) Office by leading the players in the Garden of Eden Game to victory. There is a former investor who has set her sights on Akiyama to wreak vengeance. The woman’s name is Ω (Esumi Makiko). She sets up a new Liar Game Tournament Office and aims to get him when the game is held. There is a young girl who is always by her side. She is a genius and a new member of the LFT Office who controls everything regarding the Liar Game from the game’s framework and selection of players to the various traps that are rigged. This girl’s code name is Alice (Ashida Mana). At the behest of Ω, she leads Akiyama who keeps refusing to participate, into the new game … … Why does this ordinary girl have to live as Alice?
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