All Quiet in Peking

All Quiet in Peking

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Other name: 北平无战事; Běipíng wú zhànshì ; All Quiet in Beijing

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2014

Genre: Drama, Historical


Directed by Kong Sheng and produced by Hou Hong Liang who are famous for their work on titles such as 'Battle of Changsha', and 'Nirvana in Fire', while written by screen writer Liu He Ping. The drama is set during 1948 during an economically difficult time.

In 1948, the two parties of the fight has reached the most critical moment. Ruled areas of political and economic chaos system out of control, rising prices, rampant corrupt officials, the national government has long been the rule at stake, Cradle Will Rock. At the same time, the other end of the Kuomintang Air Force Colonel jianqiao aviation school to teach the official Meng Ao (Liu Ye ornaments) because of defying military orders to stand trial. Fang was born in a wealthy family, he is the central bank branch manager Fang Buting Peking (Wang Qingxiang decorated) son, and the other is the identity of our party lurking underground party members in the military. Party interference by Jiang Jingguo, granting impunity to go to the Department of Defense prepare cadres Bureau, followed by participation in "Motherhood" action to investigate fraud Peking branch. Among living in the era of turbulence, there is suspicion on one side and the military's internal investigation from the one side there is strife and plot from his colleagues, more numerous current war after another dangerous form. All parties and underground workers in their red blood loyalty forged the cornerstone of the new rise of China ......

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