An Angel's Happiness

An Angel's Happiness

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Other name: Angelo

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2017

Genre: Drama, Romance


An Jieluo is an outstanding doctor whose wealthy background and talent causes him to be arrogant and curt. But due to his family problems and his failure to save her terminally-ill girlfriend, he begins to give up on life. He is haunted by her confession that she had unwittingly infected a young girl with HIV via a contaminated blood transfusion when she was a medical intern years ago and never owned up to her mistake. Grieving and needing to make amends on her behalf, Jieluo searches for the child Liping and finds her on Pehu Island. He meets the child, who is living happily with her mother Li Xiaohan, innocently unaware of her condition. Li Xiaohan possesses extraordinary beauty, but her poor family background and lack of education makes her feel inferior. Still, Xiaohan works hard in hope of a better life for her and Liping. Jieluo was tasked by his mother to help her in renovating the island, and thus lived in Xiaohan's lodge. While executing the project, Jieluo runs into a problem when he tried to carry out the accquisiton of a land property, but it was solved with the help of Xiaohan. Despite their contrasting personalities, Jieluo and Xiaohan began to develop an understanding of each other while working together, and they slowly fell in love. However, their mother was against them being together and wanted Xiaohan to leave Jieluo in exchange for the continuation of the island's renovation project. For the benefit of everyone living ont he island, Xiaoluo decides to disappear. This dealt a great blow to Jieluo, and finding Xiaohan became his only goal. However, just when they were about to reunite, a fatal car accident forces their life to be in peril.
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