Ao no Jidai

Ao no Jidai

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Other name: Blue Days , La Periode Bleue , Time of Youth , The Misfits, 青の時代

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 0

Genre: Crime, Friendship, Mystery, Romance, Youth


Abandoned by his mother and having had to fend for himself, Ryuu is one of many Japanese youths that have turned to a life of petty crime in order to survive in Japanese society. Life on the streets has given him a tough exterior, but it is his kind heart and his dislike for what he has become that wins over a local beauty and helps him take his first steps towards a better life. When an overzealous and less than ethical police inspector fingers Ryuu for a crime he didn't commit, he is resigned to accept his fate. However, help emerges from an unexpected source to give him the strength to fight for his freedom: a victim of one of his past crimes.
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