App de Koi Suru 20 no Joken

App de Koi Suru 20 no Joken

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Other name: アプリで恋する20の条件 , 20 Conditions to Fall in Love With the App , 20 Conditions to Date with an App , App de Koisuru 20 no Jouken , Apuri de Koisuru 20 no Jouken

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Comedy, Romance


28-year-old Taeko Kase works at an event company. One day, she makes a mistake at work and is reprimanded by her boss Hiroki Itokawa. Making things worse, Taeko Kase is dumped by her boyfriend. Later, Taeko Kase follows the recommendation of cafe clerk Haruto Takagi’s and joins a dating app. With Haruto Takagi’s advice, she decides to meet Makoto Hasegawa from the app.
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