A Good Supper (2021)

A Good Supper (2021)

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Other name: 밥이 되어라 成為飯吧 Babi Dweeora babi doieora Cook Rice Be A Meal Дорама Хороший ужин

Original network: MBC;

Director: Baek Ho Min [백호민]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Childhood, Drama, Family, Food, Romance


“Supper” is a shabby Korean Diner in the countryside near a small train station. Young Shin is in her third year of high school, but while her classmates go straight to academies after school, she rushes to the market to buy cheap ingredients for the diner. The regular customers who bought daily meal tickets for 4 dollars, and enjoyed a generous, delicious warm dinner, became the “Supper” family. Since Young Shin was little, she learned how to cook from Gyung Soo, the owner of the Diner. She grew up with Da Jung, Jung Hoon and Oh Bok. Jung Hoon, moved to the countryside with his father after he divorced Jung Hoon’s mother. Oh Bok, was raised by his grandmother and uncle, after his parents abandoned him. Da Jung, and her parents, ate at “Supper” because both her parents worked. They became closer than most siblings over 12 years. Four young people show up in Gyung Soo’s life, unraveling a lively story of love, friendship, ambition and forgiveness.

(Source: Mbc)

Episodes: 120

Cast Stars
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