Beauties At The Crossfire

Beauties At The Crossfire

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Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Action, Drama, Romance


Beauty at the Crossfires is the second in the “Beauty” trilogy following Tang Yan/ Luo Jin/ Sammul Chan’s Gone with the Wind. It stars Shu Chang, Sammul Chan, Qiao Zhenyu, Li Zhinan, and Shi Xiaoqun.Beauties at the crossfire is kind of complicated since it involved love, hate, power, business, military, political and others intrigue. The story started from nine years old girl Dong Yu Wan who was came from noble family (possess royal blood since her father was Wang Ye) moved to royal city because of the emperor edict. On the way, she and her family was rob by the bandit. Because of her bravery, she bite one of the bandit’s ear, she was being taken and sold to someone who exploit children.She was forced to be a beggar and beg for money in the street, as someone has royal blood in her body, she refused to do and being hit because of her stubborness. in her childhood she meet two persons who would be her enemy and lover, Zhou Ting Chen and Li Shao Feng.Years later, fate makes her meet Zhou Ting Chen who was accussed as a murderer, works for military and Li Shao Feng (fake) who is her best friend’s older brother. at the begining, I thought it was love story between Yu Wan and Zhou Ting Chen but after some episodes, Sammul Chan comes out as lead male who played as Du Yun Tang, playboy and fu er tai from Du family and married Yu Wan.The story is not about triangle love Zhou Ting Chen-Yu Wan-Du Yun Tang but there also others conflict such as Yun Tang loves interest to Qing Pin, an adopted daughter from Madam Jin and fake Li Shao Feng loves relationship with Qing Pin.I am still watching beauties in the crossfire because Shu Chang and Sammul Chan chemistry lured me. They are wifey and hubby but their relationship more alike friendship, partner, enemy and that really weird kind of love.
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