Best Couple (2015)

Best Couple (2015)

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Other name: 최고의 연인 最高の恋人 最佳戀人 Choigoui Yeonin The Dearest Lady The Greatest Couple Best Lovers The Best Lover

Original network: MBC;

Director: Choi Chang Wook [최창욱] and Choi Joon Bae [최준배]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family, melodrama, Romance


This is a drama about love and relationships, from the point of view of a mother and two daughters. The story is told through their flings, love and relationships, and marriage, and the drama will try to tell its viewers about the trials and strife of the single, divorced, and re-married women in our era.

Han Ah Reum (Kang Min Kyung) is a design assistant at a high-end boutique clothing shop. She is the younger daughter of a divorced woman, Na Bo Bae (Ha Hee Ra). Meanwhile, Han Ah Jung (Jo An) will be her elder sister.

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