Black & White Chapter One: The Dawn of Assault

Black & White Chapter One: The Dawn of Assault

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Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012



There are explosions, car chases, gunfights, fistfights, the dead body in the trunk of the car, the vertical rappel down along a high rise building, parking lot sieges, gory killings, cellphone espionage, computer hacking, paper-thin translucent monitors, advanced rocket science, black market diamonds, claustrophobic entrapments, aircraft hijacking, the reticent leading man, the capricious sidekick, the criminal mastermind, and the everyman hero. Hero Wu (吳英雄) is a righteous but reckless police officer newly assigned to the South District Crime Unit (南區重案組). After wrecking undue havoc during a mission — such as setting a truckload of U.S. cash ablaze — Hero is restrained from further missions. He nevertheless goes after a mysterious transaction involving a suitcase that ostensibly holds diamonds. Gangster Xu Da-fu (徐達夫) sets out to broker the diamonds but was attacked by a heavily armed squad. Before long, SIS Captain Vince Au (歐文斯) starts hunting for the suitcase, revealing involvement by officials higher up as well as a shady international organization called Pandawa.
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