Bullet In the Head (1990)

Bullet In the Head (1990)

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Other name: 喋血街頭 喋血街头 첩혈가두 ワイルド・ブリット Die Xue Jie Tou Una bala en la cabeza Une balle dans la tête Golyó a fejbe Bala na Cabeça Kula w łeb Пуля в голове กอดคอกันไว้ อย่าให้ใครเจาะกะโหลก گلوله‌ای در سر

Director: John Woo [吳宇森]

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 1990

Genre: Action, Childhood, Crime, Drama, Friendship, Gangster, Romance, War


The story of three childhood friends Ben, Paul and Frank who cruise the streets of Hong Kong circa 1967 and are members of a gang. Defiant and proud, they're also fiercely loyal to their families and each other, and will engage in street fist fights and other assorted lengths to prove it. When Ben decides to marry girlfriend Jane, Frank and Paul secure a loan to pay for the wedding banquet, but Frank is attacked by the local gang. Bloodied, he still arrives at the banquet with the money, but Ben isn't satisfied with letting things go. He goes after the responsible parties, and accidentally leaves one dead.

With the law after him, Ben is forced to flee to Saigon with his two friends. The three are supposed to deliver some illegal goods to a Mr. Leong, but things quickly go awry. The goods are lost in a terrorist bombing, and protesters and North Vietnamese sympathizers are shot without pity. Luckily, they have a contact: Eurasian mercenary Luke who helps the boys square things with Mr. Leong, but they're not satisfied with just completing their deal. Conflicts concerning money, love and friendship reveal the true personalities of the three.

(Source: LoveHKFilm)

Duration: 2 hr. 16 min.

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