Bussaba Rae Fun (2016)

Bussaba Rae Fun (2016)

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Other name: บุษบาเร่ฝัน

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance


Sui is a plain office girl, who is clumsy, unattractive, and fantasizes about her co-worker, Khun Rangsit. Sui lives with her mother, grandma, and sister, along with Sui's ex-boyfriend, Pong. Even though Pong and Sui do not date anymore, Pong still stays with Sui because he loves her dearly and wants Sui to be happy but she does not realize it. Sui is unhappy about her image and wishes to be someone else. One day, Sui meets an old man in the elevator and through magic her wish gets granted. She can be whoever she wishes to be. It's like a dream come true. Her first wish was to be like Rose, who is a strong working woman and whose lover is Rangsit, a perfect business man by every girls' definition. Sui becomes Rose while Rose become Sui. Sui finds that Rose's life is perfect or so she thinks. After some mishaps, Sui realizes that Rose's life is not so perfect after all and does not want to be Rose anymore. Again, Sui meets the old man and changes her wish. Sui's next target is Venda, an appealing and sexy co-worker of Sui, that every men wants. Venda is a woman who wishes to enter the entertainment industry by taking up modeling and doing commercials, while working in Rose's company too. When Sui became Venda it did not take long for Sui to realize that being Venda is not as fun as she imagined and changes yet again. Sui then becomes Korya, a friendly and positive co-worker of Sui. Korya views everything positively, even when faced with problems she never forgets to smile. However, after spending some time as Korya Sui realize once again that Korya's life is not always happy. While all the spirit swapping is happening, Pong begins to realize that Sui is acting strangely and begins to wonder what is up. Will Sui ever be able to seek the (perfect)life that she wants? What happens to Rose, Venda, and Korya? Will Pong realize what is happening? What will happen between Pong and Sui? Will there be a happily ever after? Stay tuned to Bussaba Rae Fun to find out!!!
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