Can't look directly (2021)

Can't look directly (2021)

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Other name: 無法直視

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama


The impulsive girl with a happy family but perverse behavior Ruan Meng leads a free-flowing campus life. Her eye-catching red hair demonstrates her arrogant personality. But the girl's arrogance collapsed immediately when she met Xue Song, the high-cold iceberg learner, blushing and heartbeat, and the deer crashed indiscriminately. She hadn't launched the offensive yet, but she was humiliated by the opponent's inability to look straight! Can't look directly? The girl’s blazing self-esteem was ignited. Today you can’t look directly at me. One day I want you to treat me not to be ignored! Thanks to Ruan Meng’s unremitting efforts, the two people’s lives have more and more intersections. Xue Song also finds Ruan Meng’s Zhimeng in the daily life together. From the initial disliked and unable to look directly, he became shy and unable to think carefully. Look straight. And Ruan Meng also became a better self during the competition.
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