Chaloey Sak (2010)

Chaloey Sak (2010)

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Other name: เชลยศักดิ์ Chaleuy Suk Prideful Prisoner Honorable Prisoner

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Drama, Revenge, Romance


Lieutenant Yothin Warat is a war hero from WWII, he was recognized for his involvement in the Free Thai movement during the war. Lieutenant Yothin has a bright future ahead of him and is engage to Piromya, the daughter of a high government official. Things turn bad for Lieutenant Youthin when his father Phraya Sawamipak Warat encounter financial problems in his ship sailing (Navy) business. When Phraya Sawamipak’s company was in turmoil, Atisak took the opportunity to buy stock from the company and even offered Phraya Sawamipak money to rebuild the financial structure of the company. But there is a catch, Atisak wants Lieutenant Yothin, Phraya Sawamipak’s son, to be his prisoner for 1 year at his home in Mon Pha Luang. Atisak wants Yothin as a prisoner to humiliate him and break his pride and the pride of his family name. Atisak and his sister Alisa Santatiwong have a strong dislike for Phraya Sawamipak and his family from their father Mom Jao Traisak Santatiwong. On his deathbed, M.J. Traisak made his daughter Alisa and son Atisak promise to take revenge on Phraya Sawamipak and his family because years ago Phraya Sawamipakrat slandered the Santatiwong family name by accusing M.J. Traisak of being a rebel, a traitor to Thailand. Because of shame, M.J. Traisak had to flee with his family to Mon Pha Luang where they have lived since. M.J. Traisak never forgot the humiliation and passed on his malicious intent for Phraya Sawamipak to his children Alisa and Atisak.
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