Cheat (2019)

Cheat (2019)

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Other name: チート~詐欺師の皆さん、ご注意ください~ Chito: Sagishi no Minasan, Gochui Kudasai Cheat: Beware of the Scammers Trap the Con Man

Original network: NTV; YTV;

Director: Yuasa Noriko [湯浅典子]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2019

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Criminal, Detective, Hidden Identity, Miniseries, Suspense, Thriller


Saki Hoshino is 25-years-old and a member of the Cheat team. The Cheat team is a group of swindlers who target other swindlers that stole from people. The Cheat team was created by Detective Kazuki Anzai and consists of Police Officer Yuto Kamo, ex-private detective Shun Negishi, genius hacker Mizuki Maruyama and Saki Hoshino.

Meanwhile, Saki Hoshino has a secret. She is also a member of an unpopular idol group. The idol group consists of herself, Mai and Yuna. The manager of her idol group is Shinji Nakagome. Saki Hoshino uses the stage name of Momo Kisaragi when she performs with the group.

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