Cherish Love

Cherish Love

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Other name: 且行且珍惜 Qie Xing Qie Zhen Xi

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama, Romance


Tang Yu Feng (Di Tian Lin) and Cheng Zi Yue (Gao Lu) are strangers that become connected due to a bone marrow transplant. Yu Feng gains a second chance and he is filled with boundless gratitude towards his donor Zi Yue. It turns out that Zi Yue face problems of her own as her husband Zhao Si Wen (Zhu Gang Ri Yao) leaves her for another woman, what's worse, he embezzled funds from Zi Yue's family causing it to go bankrupt. Zi Yue's only daughter also loses contact with her family. Seeing all this, Yu Feng is compelled to help his savior this time around.
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