Chong Ming Wei (2018)

Chong Ming Wei (2018)

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Other name: 重明卫:大明机密 重明衛:大明機密 重明衛 大明機密 重明衛 重明卫 Chong Ming Wei: Da Ming Ji Mi Страж солнца и луны: Секрет династии Мин

Original network: Sohu TV;

Director: Yan Le Yang [闫乐阳]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Detective, Fantasy, Historical, Investigation, Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense, Youth


A bizarre case from ten years ago involves the Chong Ming Wei, an organization known as China's X-Men. Three young heroes who are either compelled by ideals, identity or curiosity become embroiled in the mystery.

Legend has it that that the 'thirteenth guard' is in charge of the capture of a violent and bloodthirsty supernatural being. Xu He Qiao is a great Ming Dynasty detective. Duan Rong is the cute at times and serious at times martial arts heroine. Duan Jin is a coroner who indulges in his life's work. For their own reasons, they must face off against the series of supernatural occurrences that take place amidst a huge conspiracy.

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