Churails (2020)

Churails (2020)

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Other name: Demons

Director: Asim Abbasi

Country: Other Asia

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller


The series focuses on the lives of four women: Sara, a lawyer that gave her career up to be the "perfect wife", Jugnu, a wedding planner, Zubaida, a boxer seeking independence and love, and Batool, an ex-convict who was sentenced to twenty years in prison for murder. Their lives become intertwined when Sara discovers her husband cheating on her, after which the four decide to set up an agency to catch cheating husbands in action. They run this agency covertly under the guise of a retail burka store called "Halal Designs", and call themselves Churails. When one of them goes missing, their investigation leads them to something much bigger than themselves, dominated by Karachi's most powerful.
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