Come Home With Me

Come Home With Me

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Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Romance, Family


When the door Jiaxiang suffered setbacks in their careers, the father took his son Andy Rui door car accident, the door that Andy is not a door at home Swiss children. So he took his wife Emily Andy away from home. Andy's disappearance, so the door is inseparable from the Swiss Andy found his wife Emily grateful door at home, decided to come out ahead. The reality is very cruel, brother door pillar has been trouble at home, sister lintel star dream wasted, his wife Emily to commit suicide because of debt, all the pressure is coming in the door Jiaxiang head, since the door Jiaxiang gritty, slow slow to pay off the debt. But Emily has an imaginary husband had an affair, the door began to self-inflate home pillar, lintel terminal illness, Andy Wang Tianping biological father also came to the door, the door Jiaxiang again taken up the burden of the family. Since the door Jiaxiang many charity inadvertently, this time to get the support of many accidents. Then companies also rose to vice president Andrew House door, the door Jiaxiang Liu Huihuai children
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