Cupid of Chou Dynasty

Cupid of Chou Dynasty

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Other name: 大周小冰人 Da Zhou Xiao Bing Ren Little Matchmaker in Great Zhou

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2019

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Wuxia


Through a strange combination of circumstances, a bony beauty inherits her father's work in matchmaking and finds love.

Yan Ruyu has always been different from the women of her time. She firmly believes that mutual attraction should be the cardinal rule of marriage. Due to her father leaving and in order to avoid Marquis Li Xiu's pursuits, Yan Ruyu takes over her father's work arranging marriages for other people.

She aims to fulfill her father's wishes to win the title of Golden Phoenix, the highest honor in the matchmaking world. Through the competition, Ruyu works hard and successfully brings together many beautiful and loving unions. However, Yan Ruyu meets her match in Shen Shu, a mouthy matchmaker who is overly proud yet kind underneath. They join hands in playing cupid, bringing down a conspiracy and overthrowing an archaic mentality.

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