Darbar (2020)

Darbar (2020)

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Other name: Court

Director: AR Murugadoss

Country: Indian

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller


Aditya Arunachalam, the Commissioner of Mumbai Police, is seen killing numerous gangsters across Mumbai in police encounters. His reckless behavior has become the target for widespread criticism and condemnation. His actions finally prompt the National Human Rights Commission of India to take action against him.

In a flashback, Aditya is assigned to take charge as the Commissioner of Police of Mumbai, in a bid by the police department to curb rampant drug-trafficking and prostitution in the city. He arrives in Mumbai with his daughter Valli to assume his new position. Upon arrival, he rescues three women, one of whom is the daughter of the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He immediately initiates a major campaign to curb drugs and prostitution, using the situation of the kidnapped women as a catalyst. In the process, he apprehends Ajay Malhotra, who is responsible for the abduction and abuse of minors under the influence of drugs. Ajay is the son of Vinod Malhotra, an influential industrialist, who becomes enraged at his son's arrest.

Later, under Aditya's directive, the police go to the prison where Ajay is incarcerated, in order to take video evidence of his imprisonment. However, when the video is shown to Aditya, a proxy is seen in his place. Having foreseen this, Aditya requests the Central Government to investigate, which is denied. He then requests the State High court to intervene. The State high court forms a special team of higher officials, who also certify that Ajay is inside the prison. Through a covert investigation, Aditya learns that Ajay is hiding in Thailand. He has the Royal Thai Police arrest Ajay on the charges of illegally entering Thailand under a fake passport and begins the formal diplomatic process to have him repatriated. Ajay is arrested in Bangkok by Thai police. Adhitya tells Vinod to use the Indian government's diplomacy to free Ajay, and Ajay is released. As per the plan, Adhitya visits Nasik the same day, and kills Ajay's proxy under the pretext of self-defense and declares that "Ajay's" body will be revealed to the public in 4 hours. Desperate to avoid public shame and prison, with no other alternative, the corrupt officials have Ajay brought to the prison and promptly executed, much to Vinod's helplessness. At Ajay's funeral, Vinod reveals that Ajay is not his biological son, but of Hariharan 'Hari' Chopra, a notorious mafia boss and international drug lord, infamously known for killing 15 policemen in a brutal massacre 27 years prior.

Hari is informed of his son's death. He enters India via the India-Bangladesh border and traces Ajay's murder to Aditya. Seeking retribution, he plots to kill them. In anticipation, Vinod tries to warn Aditya through Valli, but is unable to do so. He is later murdered by Hari for failing to protect Ajay. Hari attacks Aditya and Valli by orchestrating a gruesome car accident. Aditya barely escapes with his life, sustaining minor injuries. However, Valli is diagnosed with terminal hemorrhage sustained as a consequence of the accident, and is informed that she will die before Adhitya awakes. Crestfallen, she makes a self-recording for Aaditya to see and passes away. Grief-stricken and enraged, Aditya decides to kill Vinod, only to discover about his death. Driven to the verge of insanity, he turns extremely violent and begins a rampage of murdering gangsters, which brings the film back to the present.

Hari organizes an ambush to kill Aditya and his team. He escapes, but several of his subordinates are injured. He is suspended from the police force as a consequence. He approaches the High court again, and gets 1 week to prove mental and physical fitness. Adhitya aces the test and is reinstated. Perplexed about the connection between the murders of Ajay, Vinod, and Valli, he discovers Valli's video clip, which reveals a third person with a strong connection to the case. With the assistance of police records, Aditya traces the case back to Hari. He also learns about the true link between Hari, Ajay, and Vinod - Hari had handed over Ajay to Vinod to keep him safe, before fleeing India. With assistance from a prison's inmates, Aditya traces Vinod's location to the old office complex of Mumbai Media, a media franchise owned by media baron Pramod Gupta, one of Hari's associates.

With the help of numerous policemen, Aditya launches a raid on the complex. He manages to capture Gupta and kill Hari's goons but fails to capture Hari himself. Hari retreats to the police station where he had orchestrated his brutal massacre and takes several people hostage. Aditya arrives at the police station and fights Hari, eventually emerging victorious. He manages to incapacitate Hari and stabs him to death, thus avenging Valli's death and instilling peace in Mumbai.

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