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Other name: 二分之一美少年

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: Fantasy, Music, Romance, Youth


A story revolving around young aspiring idols who train together to reach for their dreams and an inexplicable encounter that turns Lu Fei into Lu Xiang.

Lu Xiang, Bai Ying, Zhang Han and Wei Chi are members of the newly-formed band A.C.E. Lu Xiang is the cute and clueless main singer. Bai Ying is the rapper who is full of passion on the inside but looks cool on the outside. Zhang Han is the main dancer while Wei Chi is the resident boy next door with a gentle personality. Due to an accident, Lu Fei who used to be fat magically transforms into Lu Xiang and from then on, he is the handsome trainee by day and a convenient store worker by night. Meanwhile, the appearance of a nurse named Wu You You brings unexpected excitement into his life.

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