Ded Peek Nangfah

Ded Peek Nangfah

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Other name: เด็ดปีกนางฟ้า Ded Pbeek Nang Fah Ded Pbeek Nangfah Ded Peek Nang Fah Vow Airlines Cool Angel Wings

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2018

Genre: BL, Comedy, Drama, Romance


''Women should wait for men to court first'' it's not a method that can be used in this day and age. Women can't afford to wait for a man to court first anymore, especially the air hostesses from the Nangfah Airlines. The co-pilot, who's perfect and rich, will be the center of the cat fight that ensues between the ladies that are trying to win his heart. Will he let himself be catched by these women? Who is he going to choose?
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