Dong Ri Jing Lei (2013)

Dong Ri Jing Lei (2013)

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Other name: 冬日驚雷

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2013

Genre: War


Late one night in 1938, Wei Yijie, the secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee, announced to everyone that an important incident had just happened: Wen Yijie (Tian Xiaojie), the chief of the organization, seized the top secret documents describing the situation of the Quan Nan Communist Party underground and defected. Provincial Party committee decides to send Comrade Huang Qiuying of provincial Party committee member immediately (Wang Yajie is acted the role of), compose 4 people special action group, rob before Wen Yijie capitulate Japanese intercepts him, retaken top secret archives. This operation was codenamed "Operation Nighthawk". Xu Wenxiao of a member of action group arrives before tieling, fall into the trap that Japanese spy organization special high class sets below carelessly. Cunningly and murderous Japanese special high class Tian Zhongzhi Tai in Za is informed innerparty Wen Yijie incident and provincial party committee already carried out "nighthawk action", make an oath to want to round up "nighthawk" first, take top-secret archives. Japanese plot of one after another opens curtain, Huang Qiuying and money Guanglai (Hou Yong is acted the role of) wait for danger to the wind, battle of wits with Japanese brave, prevented the surrender of Wen Yijie successfully. Eventually, the top-secret files were recaptured and the lives of thousands of underground party members were saved.
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