Dramaworld (2016)

Dramaworld (2016)

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Other name: 드라마월드 Deuramawoldeu Dramaworld Season 1

Original network: Viki;

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2016

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Parody, Romance, Supernatural


Claire Duncan is a 20-year old college student obsessed with Korean Drama. She's constantly glued to the screen watching her favorite actor, Joon Park, in 'Taste of Love.' Disappointed that her own life isn't nearly as exciting as those within the world of K-drama, Claire desperately wishes that she too could live in the world of 'Taste of Love.' Thanks to a touch of magic, Claire finds her world turned upside-down when she is sucked through her smartphone into the world of 'Taste of Love' and comes face to face with Joon Park himself.

Claire also meets Seth Ko, a waiter who was also magically transported into the world of dramas years ago. With his help, Claire learns to navigate this new place. But her presence begins to throw 'Taste of Love' off-balance, causing other dramas to splice into the series. As things spiral further out of control, Claire realizes she can no longer just watch the drama unfold. She's now part of it, and it's her job to set things right. Before everything falls apart completely.

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