Dreams and Glory (2021)

Dreams and Glory (2021)

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Other name: 光荣与梦想 Guang Rong Yu Meng Xiang

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Drama


In old China at the beginning of the twentieth century, the warlords seized the people and did not live. Hunan Youth Mao Ze Dong actively participated in the revolutionary movement, established the Marxist belief under the guidance of Li Da Zhao and Chen Du Xiu, and participated in the founding of the Communist Party of China. Worker Zhao Zhao followed him all the way and became close to Chen Du Xiu. Chiang Kai Shek rebelled against the revolution, and Li Chun Feng joined the reactionary camp. Mao Ze Dong launched the autumn harvest uprising to advance into Jinggangshan to create a base, and Zhao Yu Chi became a revolutionary soldier. Chiang Kai Shek continued to encircle and suppress the Soviet area, Mao Ze Dong was excluded from the party, resulting in the failure of the fifth anti-encirclement and suppression, the Red Army was forced to Long March. The Zunyi Conference on the Long March Road confirmed Mao Ze Dong's leadership and saved the party and the Red Army. The Japanese invaded China, and the CCP united all walks of life across the country to win the War of Resistance. Chiang Kai Shek launched a civil war to suppress the Communists, and Mao Ze Dong commanded the three major battles of the People's Liberation Army to drive Chiang Kai Shek to Taiwan. The U.S. emperor made a comeback and burned the war to the Yalu River. Mao Ze Dong decided that the Chinese People's Volunteers would send troops to North Korea, and defeated the U.S. emperor in a bloody three-year battle, and won the great victory in resisting U.S. aggression and aid to Korea. The new China led by the Communist Party of China really stands in the east.
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