Dung Duang Harutai (2008)

Dung Duang Harutai (2008)

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Other name: ดั่งดวงหฤทัย ; Like a star in my heart ; The star in my heart

Country: Thailand

Status: Completed

Released: 2008

Genre: Drama, Historical, Romance


asika is a princess. Pee Chai is her brother, whose the king of their country. Romney is the princess of a country different from Pee Chai's. And Pee Kat is the king of another country. Romney is suppose to marry Pee Kat becaue Pee Kat wanted her country, which was near the sea. Along the way, Romney escaped. While escaping, she landed onto a trap. Pee Chai comes to the set trap. He was out hunting. When they opened the trap, Romney fell out. Pee Chai took Romney to his place. Romney stayed at his place. There, they fell in love. Pee Kat was in Tasika's country when he saw Tasika. He fell in love with her. When Tasika went out on a horse ride, she strayed away from the group. She got lost. Then she met Pee Kat. Who then drugged her later on and took her to his kingdom. They fall in love, Meena tries to destroy their relationship because she's in love with Pee Kat. Meena's dad is the evil guy. Her dad wants power. So he tries to get rid of Pee Kat. Tasika and Pee Kat fall in love.
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