Eat Drink Man Woman 2 (2012)

Eat Drink Man Woman 2 (2012)

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Other name: 飲食男女2:好远又好近 饮食男女2:好远又好近 飲食男女2:好近又好遠 饮食男女2:好近又好远 饮食男女-好远又好近 飲食男女:好遠又好近 饮食男女—好远又好近 飲食男女2 饮食男女2 Yin Shi Nan Nu - Hao Yuan You Hao Jin Yin Shin Nu 2 Eat Drink Man Woman: Joyful Reunion Joyful Reunion Радостное воссоединение

Director: Tsao Jui Yuan [曹瑞原]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2012

Genre: Drama, Food, Romance


Relationships intertwine over food and restaurants in this sequel to the award-winning foodie favorite "Eat Drink Man Woman". Because "Love is like flavor. Once you taste it, you will never forget."
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