Endless Way

Endless Way

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Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2004

Genre: Drama


A remote village in the hills of West Hunan, where water, the most precious resource, is carried on strong backs up from the valley below each day as it has for centuries. “Endless Way” follows the struggles of Ah Ming, who now must also begin a life of endless labor to bring this almost sacred commodity to his family. We enter their lives at a traditional wedding, where Ah Ming is to marry a young girl from a neighboring village, as his true love Ah Shui sadly offers her blessings from the sidelines. But there is no room for marital bliss, as the young wife, unable to cope with the harsh routine that each villager must endure, leaves Ah Ming never to return. The longsuffering Ah Shui steps forth to care for Ah Ming and his ailing mother, sharing their pain and grief. They all bear the burden of their endless way knowing that as they trudge their valuable cargo to the top, the government has renewed work on the canals and dams to bring the water directly to the village. The villagers, seeing a better future, toil eagerly and full of hope on this project, though it has already cost them dearly in lives, including the father of Ah Ming. Unhappily, before his father's dream will be realized, tragedy will strike once more.
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