Fake It Till You Make It (2023)

Fake It Till You Make It (2023)

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Other name: 装腔启示录 裝腔啟示錄 Zhuang Qiang Qi Shi Lu Apocalypse

Original network: Mango TV; Hunan TV;

Director: Li Mo [李漠]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Drama, Romance


Tang Ying is a junior lawyer who works at a Shanghai-based legal firm. Working at the company has brought her into contact with a young man named Xu Zi Quan, who has secretly developed feelings for her. But things are not going smoothly for Tang Ying: Her co-workers are trying to force her out of the company. And life gets even more complex when her parents come to Shanghai, ready to pressure her into marriage. Meanwhile, a wealthy older man named Ma Qi Yuan has fallen for Tang Ying.

With her parents now in town, Tang Ying realizes that she needs to think quickly if she is to avoid having them interfere in her future. Xu Zi Quan also secretly hopes to do something to ensure Ma Qi Yuan isn’t successful in his pursuit of Tang Ying. So she and Xu Zi Quan hatch a plan. They decide to pretend to be in a relationship, thinking this will appease her parents.

Initially, this plan appears to work, as Xu Zi Quan proves to be very caring and considerate to Tang Ying’s family. But trouble is not far behind. Secrets about Xu Zi Quan’s own family background threaten to surface. His feelings for Tang Ying are genuine, but he doesn’t want to hurt her. Will Cupid find a way to keep them together – or are they destined not to find love?

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Episodes: 14

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