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Other name: 開心賓館 ; 开心宾馆

Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2005

Genre: Comedy, Drama


Hong Kong's top tour guide Experience the ups and downs of life in a hotel There are three tour guides, Kam Ji-Kit (Michael Tao), Yung Ka-Man (Melissa Ng), and Hon Shan (Wayne Lai) lead tours from mainland China. One day, unexpectedly, a friend Kam Kong-Hoi (Wu Fung), gives them his hotel to take care of. Suddenly, the three are bosses and need to improve the hotel for the sake of their friend. Along the way, Ka-Man develops feelings for Ji-Kit, but because of a misunderstanding, she tries to stop her growing feelings for him. When Ji-Kit eventually finds out how Ka-Man feels towards him, he tries to court her but Ka-Man is too afraid of getting hurt.
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