First Love It's You (2021)

First Love It's You (2021)

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Other name: 初恋是CV大神 初戀是CV大神 Chu Lian Shi CV Da Shen Sweet First Love Первая любовь, это ты

Original network: Youku;

Director: Tao Zhi Qiang [陶志強]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2021

Genre: Business, Drama, Friendship, Hidden Identity, life, Manhua, Romance, Youth


At the birthday party of her best friend, Ye Tao Tao, Ruan Zhi, a famous voiceover actress, accidentally encountered her university crush, Qi Zhan. Her first love is remembered, but the person in front of her is quite different. Under the quirk of fate, the two spent an awkward night together. But even more surprisingly, when they returned to the office, Qi Zhan, who knew nothing about voiceover, became her immediate superior. The two made a bet that as long as Ruan Zhi gains 100w fans in a month, she could set up her own studio, escaping Qi Zhan.

With the help of her friends, Ye Tao Tao, Mo Ru Yu, Shan Zhi, Li Lan Gong Zi, a live online concert was quietly brewing. However, in her day-to-day relationship with Qi Zhan, past feelings bloom once again. Ruan Zhi and Qi Zhan have also solved misunderstandings in the past, and the two hearts have come together again. But a bigger plot is slowly emerging, lies and truth, truth and deceit. At the road where love parts, what do they do?

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