Fly High (2006)

Fly High (2006)

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Other name: 사랑하니까, 괜찮아 날아오르다 因為愛你,所以沒關係 Saranghanikka Goenchanha Sky High Loving is Ok

Director: Kwak Jung Kyoon [곽지균]

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2006

Genre: Drama, melodrama, Romance


It’s school festival day and Min-hyuk is busy dancing and singing. However, it is not the stage but a toilet that binds his destiny. He is bewitched by a daring high school girl, Mi-hyun, who comes into the men’s room because the women’s room is full. From that day on, Min-hyuk woos her, escorts her home at night, stuffs her locker with roses, and clears a passage for her in the morning after the snow falls. For all his efforts, he doesn’t get much more than a tender glance from Mi-hyun. When she suddenly vanishes, ‘sorry’ is the only word she leaves behind.
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