For Bad Boys Only

For Bad Boys Only

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Country: Hong Kong

Status: Completed

Released: 2000

Genre: Action


For Bad Boys Only mixes action, comedy, romance, and ultra-attractive Hong Kong stars into one slick, entertaining package! Heartthrobs Ekin Cheng and Louis Koo star as King and Jack, the two primary members of the "Bad Boy Squad", a tough team of private detectives whose primary occupation is the finding of lost loves. But despite their profession, the pair of heartbreakers has trouble finding love for themselves. Jack searches fruitlessly for his "perfect girl", not realizing that it might just be King's sister Queen (Kristy Yang). Meanwhile, King romances a double-digit number of girls, and is unable to settle on just one. But when a series of cases turns up involving three women who all look like sexy Shu Qi, King finds himself ready to drop his wandering ways and commit to just one girl. But just who - or even what - is she? Sexy spies, secret experiments, and evil Japanese villains are only the start of the Bad Boy Squad's greatest case! Featuring a legion of beautiful girls (Shu Qi and Kristy Yang are joined by Josie Ho, Gigi Lai, Stephanie Che, Anya, and Kelly Lin), and at least one more beautiful guy (Daniel Chan), For Bad Boys Only proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you simply cannot have too many pretty people in one film!
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