Lovers' Kiss (2003)

Lovers' Kiss (2003)

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Other name: ラヴァーズ・キス 러버스 키스 情人的吻 Cusan Cariadon Поцелуи влюбленных

Director: Oikawa Ataru [及川中]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2003

Genre: Drama, Romance, Youth


Rikako of the twelfth grade repeated play at night with her close Miki every day. One day she meets (and becomes infatuated with) Tomoaki Fujii, who's rumoured to be the Don Juan of her school and even impregnated a girl before getting an abortion in his father's hospital. This doesn't bother Rikako one bit, as she too sleeps around. But Tomoaki, knowing Rikako's true intentions, shoves her aside. Rikako later finds out that Tomoaki is quitting school to move to Okinawa, and she finally attempts to understand him. From then on, they form a close bond.
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