I Brought Four Seasons to You (2023)

I Brought Four Seasons to You (2023)

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Other name: 四时好 四時好 殿下四時 Dian Xia Si Shi Si Shi Hao Yes, Her Majesty

Original network: Tencent Video;

Director: Huang Ying Xiang [黄颖湘]

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2023

Genre: Amnesia, Comedy, Historical, political, Romance, Web Series


After 3 days in a coma due to a near-drowning incident, the ruler of Great Yan, Empress Yue Li Zheng, finally wakes up - sadly without her memories. She is soon back to work reading memorials and handling relevant issues related to the Royal Court.

Her consort, Li Shi Hao, is said to have rescued her from drowning that day, but the empress gets the feeling that something is off and that people around her - including her consort - are hiding a secret from her. When she finally recovers her memories and thereby finds out the truth, she is stunned but also embarks on a wonderful journey towards true love while experiencing the cruelness of the power struggles within the Royal Court.

(Source: PeeWee69)

Episodes: 20

Cast Stars
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