Bryan Leung (1949)

Bryan Leung (1949)

Other Name: 梁家仁 Leung Ka Yan Liang Jia Ren Leung Kar Yun Leung Kar Yan Leung Bryan

Born: January, 20, 1949

Nationality: British Hong Kong

Height: 174 CM

Age: 75

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Bryan Leung is a Hong Kong actor. His action film career began in 1969, his good looks and natural athleticism taking him to Shaw Brothers, where he appeared in several renowned period Kung Fu films, although he was rarely offered leading roles. His big break came under the direction of Sammo Hung, with whom he fought in "Enter the Fat Dragon" (1978) and co-starred in the seminal "Warriors Two" (1978).

Leung also enjoyed some success in television acting, appearing in "Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils" and "The Return of the Condor Heroes".

Despite this acting success, Leung's 1984 directorial debut, "Profile in Anger", was relatively unsuccessful. This marked a lowering of his star profile as he began to take more supporting roles and less leading roles. He continued to act and direct into the 2000s.

In 2009, he was to direct once again in a new martial arts action film tentatively titled "Blood Relations". He also starred in the film alongside his son Leung Ho Yee and martial arts film actor Gordon Liu.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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