Carlo Chin (1965)

Carlo Chin (1965)

Other Name: 錢嘉樂 嘉樂仔 钱嘉乐 Kar Lok Chin Ka Lok Zai Chin Ka Lok Chin Ga Lok Qian Jia Le Chin Carlo

Born: August, 06, 1965

Nationality: British Hong Kong

Height: 178 CM

Age: 59

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Chin was born in Hong Kong, the younger brother of actor and stunt performer Chin Siu Ho. He is a former member of Sammo Hung's Stuntman Team. Chin began working as a stuntman at the age of 16.

In 1985, he made his film debut in Sammo Hung's Heart of Dragon as one of Jackie Chan's SWAT Team buddies. In 1988 Chin replaced his brother Siu Ho in the 4th installment of Mr. Vampire. After starring in The Green Hornet and Drunken Master II in 1994, he began doing non-action roles alongside the action. In 1995 he played a demon destroyer/scorpion demon/scholar in Journey to the West. In 1997, he directed his only film, Aces Go Places 97.

Aside from films, he is the co-host of The Super Trio Show, a Hong Kong variety show, along with Jerry Lamb and Eric Tsang.

As a fan of cars and racing, he starred in a comedic short as a street racer/drifter. However, when he took part in a 2005 TVB telethon, he performed donuts in the same 350Z as seen in the film with Lee San San standing in the center as a cone. Then, in 2003 he starred the film Star Runner as "Senior Ho", a veteran fighter for the team Kong Ching.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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