Daniel Chan (1975)

Daniel Chan (1975)

Other Name: 陳曉東 陈晓东 Chan Hiu Tung Chen Xiao Dong Chan Cheuk Yeung Chan Daniel

Born: September, 03, 1975

Nationality: British Hong Kong

Height: 180 CM

Age: 49

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Daniel Chan Hiu Tung is a popular Hong Kong singer, songwriter, and actor. He is most notable as one of the young talents in the 1990s music scene.

Daniel was born into and grew up in an unhappy family. His parents were divorced when he was still a child. He is the first of two sons in his family. At the age of 12, Chan studied in Hong Kong at California International (USA) School. After graduating from high school at 18, he returned to Hong Kong to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. His uncle is Natalis Chan Pak Cheung, a famous singer in the 80s.

Born in Hong Kong, Chan began his singing career in 1994 as a promising talented young singer. In 1995, Chan was guided by Master Tai Si Ching—a famous Hong Kong vocal instructor who helped him receive recording contracts from the Universal music group. At the same time, he achieved "The most popular male singer of the year 1995" with the first album "Fly With Me". From the beginning of joining Hong Kong entertainment, he leaped to fame thanks to his handsome appearance and his photogenic and baby face (Daniel Chan Hiu Tung was selected as one of the 19 most handsome Hong Kong actors in 2010 by CNN Television channel). In addition, he owned a sweet voice and a composing talent. Within two years, he became one of the hottest pop idols in the 1990s with his best-seller albums and prestigious music awards.

His golden age lasted between the middle 1990s and early 2000s. This prince of Canto-pop is considered the heir of four Hong Kong heavenly kings including Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, Andy Lau, and Aaron Kwok. He was also the leader among 4 Hong Kong princes of Canto-pop. He received many music awards from Cantopop and Mando-pop.

In 2000, following the death of his manager Rebecca Leung, he began changing his singing style.

In April 2003, Daniel left the Universal music group after 8 years. In this period of time, he released the featured albums including Open Up The Sky, Fly With Me, Sentimental Remix, U R My Only Love, Heart Touch, Holiday, Electric Joy EP, Feeling, I want to be, Don't mention at all, and Happier than me.

Unfortunately, after that, between 2005-2006, the relationship between him and his teacher -Tai Si Ching shattered. Both of them claimed that they altogether ceased to meet. Onwards, his career went down.

Until 2008, Daniel returned to Hong Kong music science with the album titled "Love moments" after 5 years of being absent. He organized a mini-concert "Love moments" to broadcast his new album in Hong Kong. After nearly three years of being absent from the music scene, he released his 11th Chinese album So Hot in early September 2011. Until now, he released approximately 40 albums including 26 Cantonese albums and 12 Mandarin albums.

As for his movie career, he took part in many films since 1994. In 1996, he played the character Wang Wen Jun from the movie " Hu Du Men" which helped him receive the best newcomer nomination in the 16th Hong Kong film awards. He had an opportunity to collaborate with the famous superstar Josephine Siao and Anita Yuen in his first movie.

However, his most impressive role is teenager Shum Chi Hong in "First love unlimited". It's the most well-known teen movie in Hong Kong in the 1990s, paired with Gigi Leung - his lover on screen. The film was released in the spring of 1997, which created a fan fever from Hong Kong's young admirers. His pure and lovely image along with his long and soft hair made him become the idol for millions of girls in Hong Kong. Gigi Leung and Daniel Chan were considered as one of the best couples in Hong Kong cinema back then.

He experienced many love relationships from 15 years old onwards. It is said that he dated his screen lover - Gigi Leung in the 1990s when they collaborated with each other in "First love unlimited". However, his most memorable love is with Cecilia Cheung. They claimed as a couple in 2000. Immediately, they were opposed strongly by public opinions. As a result, they broke up regrettably in 2001. Nevertheless, they are still best friends after breaking up until now.

At the end of 2014, he got married to a Taiwanese young nurse. They have 2 daughters together.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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