Kataoka Ainosuke (1972)

Kataoka Ainosuke (1972)

Other Name: 片岡愛之助 片岡千代丸 山元寛之 かたおか あいのすけ Ainosuke Kataoka Kataoka Chiyomaru Chiyomaru Kataoka Kataoka Chiyonosuke Chiyonosuke Kataoka

Born: March, 04, 1972

Nationality: Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

Height: 172 CM

Age: 52

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

The 6th generation Kataoka Ainosuke is Yamamoto Hiroyuki.

Yamamoto Hiroyuki was born on March 4, 1972, in Jinnanbe-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka. His parents ran a manufacturing business in Sakai, Osaka and did not have any association with the world of Kabuki. At the age of 5, Hiroyuki passed the audition for child actor held by Shochiku Geino and started receiving acting lessons and stage experience. His first screen TV appearance was child role for a drama in NHK's Galaxy TV Novel program. At the same time, he began appearing on Kabuki stage with his birth name.

His talent was noticed by Kataoka Jinzaemon XIII in 1983, and also received the invitation for apprentice from Kataoka Hidetaro II. He then took the names Kataoka Chiyonosuke (real name of Kataoka Nizaemon XIII) and Kataoka Chiyomaru, and performed his first major Kabuki act "Kanjincho" in Kyoto Minamiza.

Kataoka Hidetaro II adopted him to the family as his successor in 1993. The same year, he played the role of Sugawa Jiro in the "Kanjincho" staged at Nakaza in Osaka. He was promoted to the title of Kataoka Ainosuke VI in 1994.

Kataoka Ainosuke VI is married to actress Fujiwara Norika since September 23, 2016.

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